October 14, 2015

Tests Don't Make Bad Code Good

Another day, another back and forth discussion on Twitter about the merits of software development. This morning, the topic was testing, and if having untested code inherently makes that code bad....


January 29, 2015

StaticShowdown 2014

Rob, a classmate and good friend of mine, invited me to work with him and a few coworkers on their StaticShowdown team. He sent me the link, and I almost immediately replied yes. I'd never done a...


May 20, 2014

Laracon NYC: Day Two

In part two of the series, I'm going to cover the events of, you guessed it, the second day of Laracon. Here is my summary of Day One Lots occurred on day two, including one of the best talks I...


May 16, 2014

Laracon NYC: Day One

I have the priveledge of attending this year's Laracon in New York City, and let me tell you...IT WAS AWESOME. AND IT IS ONLY HALFWAY THROUGH. I was posting like crazy and went into a retweet frenzy...