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Quick, Explicit Route::resource

Phil Betley • January 26, 2014

Laravel provides some excellent helpers for setting up routes in your web application. And when building RESTful and resourceful applications in Laravel, there is a helper, Route::resource that makes it easy to create a whole set of routes to a controller that manages that resource.

However, many developers, myself included, think it is a better practice to explicity name all of the routes that would be covered by the Route::resource helper. But typing all of those routes is time consuming, so I created a simple Sublime Text snippet to help out with that.

Route::get('${1:resource}', ['as' => '${1}.index', 'uses' => '${1/(.+)/\u\1/g}sController@index']);
Route::get('${1}/create', ['as' => '${1}.create', 'uses' => '${1/(.+)/\u\1/g}sController@create']);
Route::post('${1}', ['as' => '${1}.store', 'uses' => '${1/(.+)/\u\1/g}sController@store']);
Route::get('${1}/{${1}}', ['as' => '${1}.show', 'uses' => '${1/(.+)/\u\1/g}sController@show']);
Route::get('${1}/{${1}}/edit', ['as' => '${1}.edit', 'uses' => '${1/(.+)/\u\1/g}sController@edit']);
Route::put('${1}/{${1}}', ['as' => '${1}.update', 'uses' => '${1/(.+)/\u\1/g}sController@update']);
Route::patch('${1}/{${1}}', ['uses' => '${1/(.+)/\u\1/g}sController@update']);
Route::delete('${1}/{${1}}', ['as' => '${1}.destroy', 'uses' => '${1/(.+)/\u\1/g}sController@destroy']);



The snippet itself is triggered by r::r in php files and provides a quick way to create all your required routes for your resource, mapping to a controller of the same name.

To use the snippet, just download the gist and include it in the Packages\User directory of your Sublime Text installation.

The video below shows the use of the snippet in Sublime Text.